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05 November 2007 @ 05:54 pm
Challenge 1  
Hey guys! This week's challenge is the Russel Baer Photoshoot.
Much kudos if you help promote this community for me. : D

Resources : leightonmeesterfan.net

> Absolutely no animated icons.
> Members may submit up to four icons.
> Members can choose to utilize all five pictures, or just one.
> Blending, textures, text etc. is a must. : ) Well, not necessarily, just be creative.
> Keep all icons anonymous until voting for this week's challenge is over.

All entries are due Friday November 9, 2007 at 5pm EST (clock)
Have an idea for a challenge, and want your voice to be heard? Leave a comment in our Suggestion Post!

Participants: 0 Entries: 0
Rafaellasheiscarioca on November 8th, 2007 09:15 am (UTC)
Hm. I was wondering if it's okay to me send some entries. You know, just to be sure I can. (:
Michelle Ann: GGFans Support the Writerschellaaaa on November 9th, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)
Of course, anyone who is a member, whether they are mod/banner-maker can enter. : )